Movo helps young professionals and busy people plan their moves conveniently and manage the contents of the moving boxes efficiently, creating a visual memory system for unpacking without having to worry about going through all of the boxes when looking for something in need.


5/2020 - 6/2020




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Young people often have to move for work or school but planning a move and packing up the boxes can be challenging; hiring professional movers can also be expensive! As the departure date approaches, and they need to pack, people often don’t know where to start. After they get to their new home, it might be hard to find something specific, and you don’t want to look through all the boxes.


  • Plan accordingly and motivate to start organizing and packing. Don’t leave anything to the last minute
  • It can easily manage and record the contents of the box to make a visual memory
  • It can unpack necessities without having to worry about going through all of the boxes to have the items in need. It will save a lot of time in the end

Competitive Analysis

1. Moving Boxes

Is there a new move and your last moves were chaotic? Not any longer!


  • Inventory function (Help users to find their box easily)
  • Name and fill your boxes
  • Export and print the list of boxes and contents as PDF
  • A color code and printable labels help users in assignment of their belongs
  • Search for relocation companies in your area and connect with the company


  • The search inventory feature which users feel is useful especially when they have many boxes


  • It doesn’t sync to other devices. So users cannot add stuff at the same time
  • It could be better at giving the users the ability to be organized
  • It does not allow users to edit the original number of boxes they need

2. Move Advisor

Move Advisor is a free moving checklist app that gives you complete control over the organizational stage of your upcoming relocation.


  • Weekly moving timeline - helps you remember tasks and see your progress
  • Home inventory - virtually keep track of all your possessions room-by-room
  • Other features - Locate moving companies, read reviews, and obtain estimates


  • Fast, intuitive and easy to use
  • Well designed inventory system that allowed with ease to figure out the size of the move


  • Information about moving companies and brokers is too much
  • Personal information required
  • The calendar feature is non-existent

Market Research


1. Tell me about the last time that you moved. Why? How did it go? What type of help did you have?

2. What’s the reason that you moved?

3. Do you choose to move and pack by yourself or hire a full service moving company?

4. What's the bigger problem that you have when you are moving? How do you handle it?

5. Do you make a plan before moving? Did you make a plan?

6. How do you organize stuff?

7. What container do you use to move stuff? Where do you get it?

8. Have items been lost or forgotten during the moving transport?

Findings and Pain Points


“I move once a year.”

“Packing & Unpacking can be annoying and frustrating.”

“ Sometimes I have too many things I have to organize, and it costs a lot of time. Sometimes I don’t know how to start.”

“I lose things every time I move.”

“Each time it is difficult to estimate how many boxes I need.”

“It’s bad at the end when you have 100 boxes and packing paper that is all empty and you have to get rid of them somehow.”

Pain Points

1. No motivation about how to start to pack.

Having too much stuff to organize costs a lot of time, and sometimes you don’t know how to start.

2. Time-consuming searches for needed essentials.

Typically when you move, unpacking takes several days. Finding out the needed essentials is time-consuming and disastrous if there has no clear and organized checklist.

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