Nebula is a platform for hard sci-fi movie lovers to find their favorite movie and related comments; it’s a world of unending fantasy. Users are able to recommend their favorite hard sci-fi movies here, share their movie-watching experience and their passion with fellow enthusiasts.


May. - Jun. 2020


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Art or Science?

To attract audiences, many science fiction movies introduce real scientific theories to support the plot and logic, and even hire scientists to be film science consultants. However, many times for the sake of the plot needs, directors sacrifice the science of the plot so that the movies are mocked by the professionals, and the wrong theory misleads students.


  • Create a search and review site for hard sci-fi fans
  • Use scientific topics related to the film to categorize the comments

Hard Sci-fi Movie Examples

A common feature of hard science fiction movies is that the story is driven and resolved by technology.

The category of hard sci-fi pertains to science fiction tales that are more grounded in reality with science that either exists now or could conceivably exist in the near future.

Wordlist & Branding


For fans of hard science fiction movies to provide a channel for real science discussion.


Here we discuss the relationship between human development and science and technology.


Science fiction is often said to inspire a “sense of wonder” with imaginative and futuristic concepts. Today’s technology is the imagination of the past, and here, we enjoy the imagination of the future.

Competitive Analysis

The greatest thing about good science fiction is that it lets viewers explore a new reality. But, some sci-fi movies have a little more fiction than science, which can lead to some major scientific flaws in the film's plot.


They have abundant film and television resources.

They have a lot of online activities.

They have blogs and articles.

Value Proposition

There is a careful classification of science fiction films.

Many film and television resources can be directly watched.

Rank the types of sci-fi movies.

Brand Strenths

Website subject is clear.

The visual design fits the science fiction theme.

Brand Weaknesses

Web navigation is too cluttered.

No comment area.

Now, powered by Northrop Grumman examines a vast array of technological topics and trends and how they intersect with daily life. Now discusses many topics from space exploration to cybersecurity, from the future of wireless communication to technology in pop culture.


They are trying to make everyone understand complex topics in Sci-fi works.

Use pictures more often than large chunks of text
to illustrate.

Value Proposition

Environmental protection theme.

High-quality pictures.

Contributors’ list.

Brand Strenths

Simple presentation of complex
scientific principles.

Popular topics and content.

Brand Weaknesses

Web navigation is concise but some content is confusing.

The hierarchy of the home page is
too messy.

The boundaries between functional areas are not clear.

Target Audience

  • Hard Sci-fi movie lovers.
  • People who are interested in the scientific theories in movies.
  • Scientists or engineering teachers or students.
  • Professional film critics.
  • Cinematographer


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